How To Enter The Interstate Music Awards

The Interstate Music Awards is open to any up-and-coming musician, musical artist, band or group residing in the United States. To submit your entry, please fill out the form below in it's entirety to be considered. Submissions will close November 30, 2021 at 11:59 PM Central.

Submission Requirements

> Contact Information

Please fill out this portion of the form with your contact information. If you're an agent or a member of a group/band, you'll have an opportunity to enter additional artist/member information later in the form.

> Award Selection

The second page of the form allows you to choose from the six award categories. Please note, you are able to use a single form submission for multiple award categories.

> Artist/band Details

This page allows you to add the artist/band member information. Please add information for all members.

> Your Entry

The final page of the form will be for your entry to the Interstate Music Awards. Your submission must include: 2 headshots for a solo artist or 1 group/band shot and headshots for each member in your group. You'll also provide a link to your recorded video performance submission. Your performance must include one complete song. The video can be from a previous event in or one you record yourself in the 2021 calendar year.

Submission Form

Contact Information
This info should be for the main contact of your band.

Are You an Agency Nominating a Performer?
Check the box below if you are.

Award Selection
You must select at least one award. Click here to learn more about each award and if you qualify.

Artist/Band Details
Tell us the name and contact information for each member of your band.

Band Member 1

Band Member 2

Band Member 3

Band Member 4

Band Member 5

More Than 5 Band Members?
Fill out their names and emails in the text box below.

Your Entry
To complete your entry into the Interstate Music Awards please include your recorded video performance and images. See below for details and requirements.

Recorded Video Performance Upload
Your recorded video performance must be within the 2021 calendar year and must include one full song.

Image Uploads
If you are a solo artist, we require at least 2 different headshot images. A group/band needs to provide individual headshot images for each member as well as a group image.
Your files can be a max size of 50MB. File types must be one of the following: jpg, png, gif or pdf. Zip files are permitted.